Adobe Photoshop

You’ve had Adobe Photoshop on your computer for ages. You’ve managed to open an image….. now what?

Let us help you to discover this exciting and extremely powerful image editing software.

Our Photoshop training will change the way you add an image to any document or website. Plus – it’s a huge amount of fun!


You’ve just printed out a report. It’s full of photos that looked great on your monitor. On paper, the image quality is terrible. And you’re sure that the Chairperson’s face isn’t that wide. Plus… you need to email the report to all the Board members for approval but the document file size is so huge that you can’t attach it in an email. Oh, and then you try and upload it to your website. You finally manage that but then everyone complains that it took soooo long to download it would have been quicker if you had snailed it to them! Sound familiar?

Our basics Photoshop training will demystify the process of producing top quality documents EVERY time. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using Adobe InDesign, MS Word or MS Publisher. The rules are the same. And it’s SO EASY when you know how!


Your company has just invested a considerable amount of money on a brand new website. It looks stunning and has the advantage of a full content management system (CMS) so that you can edit the site and add new photos. You received a one hour training session on how to update the site and add new photos. No one explained that you needed to resize and optimize your images for web use. You’ve tried to resize them on the fly (like you do in MS Word) but they look bad and they take an age to download in your browser even although you have a really decent broadband connection. Why is that?

Our basics Photoshop training will have you uploading great quality, fast loading photos to your website EVERY time.


You took a whole bunch of photos at the Golf Open (substitute anything you want here – sports day, wedding, gala ball, race day). There’s a great shot of your colleague Tony that you want to use in your next newsletter. Unfortunately there’s a rather large dollop of tomato sauce on his cheek. Tony has his eyes shut in the other 2 photos you have of him. What to do?

Our basics Photoshop training will remove the tomato sauce (substitue scratch on photo, rubbish on beach, the photo of Lorna with ‘red eye’ etc. etc.). Remember the old saying “the camera never lies”? HAH!


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