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Training in Darwin

We have been delivering software training in Darwin for 15 years and have developed a training style that works. We know the software we train because we use it regularly in our graphics and design work.

All our training is carried out onsite on a one-on-one basis or small groups. We don’t recommend a class size of more that 6 people. 

In order to learn, you must enjoy the experience. We go out of our way to ensure that happens. You will never be left with a confusing, mass-produced training manual to slave through while the trainer wanders off for a cup of coffee. You won’t be afraid to ask questions (however silly you think they might be) and we guarantee you won’t ever be bored!

Learning Resources
We will be provide you with links to the best online training resources for video and static tutorials. None of our courses come with standard training manuals. We hate ‘standard training manuals’! We try to make exercises and examples relevant to you. We supply all our own class files which are yours to keep for revision.

Mix & Match
You can also ‘mix and match’. Choose a selection of topics from more than one piece of software. Not recommended for beginners but very worthwhile and cost effective if you are already familiar with several pieces of software.

Custom Training
Many training providers offer this service. All too often it is arranged without you having an opportunity to discuss your needs with the actual trainer! This can lead to you attending an expensive tailored training session only to find yourself covering topics you already know. Even worse are customised training sessions where the trainer isn’t familiar with the topics you’ve requested!

We will always talk to you first.

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